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Who can get unclaimed money or a refund from HUD or FHA?

There are a couple of kinds of unclaimed funds from HUD. You might get a "Premium Refund" or a "Distributive Share. Both kinds of "free money" are from HUD.

You might get a "Premium Refund" if you paid your insurance premium for a loan you got after September 1st 1983. Or if you up-front paid on your insurance for the missing money on closing. But you must never have defaulted on any payments or else you are not eligable for unclaimed money. But even so there is still a chance so you should check into it in case they make an exception or somewhere along the line bookkeeping was erroneous. You can either check with HUD for missing money ((800) 697-6967, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday). Or talk to the mortgage company that helped you — especially if you paid an up front premium.

The other kind of refund is called a "Distributive Share" and might be another way for you to get unclaimed or missing money. The requirements for this are the same as above where you have to have gotten your loan before Sep. 1 1983. But with this you have to have also paid for more than seven years. And in addition, for you to find money, you must have had your FHA insurance end before Nov. 5th 1990. But again, as with "Premium Refund"'s try and find out if you may be an exception. Or there was an error and you find money where others might have simply miscalculated.