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Not quite...but close. And if you're lucky, really easy to get. i42.biz is super easy to use to find unclaimed money. Just use the search to the left, or browse by state and last name in the box below. We want you to be successful when you search for any missing money because once you find it, you'll tell your friends, and so on!

Where to find money? We are pro's at finding that golden needle in a haystack and have years of experience with advance technologies built specifically to discover your unclaimed property or money. Once you've found your money, follow the instructions to file a claim and that's it. We've done all the hard legwork for you!

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How do I get my money?

How can I find money? Use our search, or browse the entries first. Once you've found an entry that looks like it might be yours, all the information you need to file a claim is listed on the page. Forms and additional information can be found by following the instructions on the page, or by contacting the representative listed on the page.